deegree Open Source Geospatial Web Services


deegree is open source software for spatial data infrastructures and the geospatial web. deegree includes components for geospatial data management, including data access, visualization, discovery and security. Open standards are at the heart of deegree. The software is built on the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the ISO Technical Committee 211.

deegree community

IDgis is an active partner of the deegree community. IDgis fully supports the Open Source Philosophy. The clients of IDgis benefit from improvements made by IDgis and other partners of the deegree platform. An example of improvements suggested by IDgis is the ESRI shape file index, which makes it possible to extract much faster relatively few data from large databases. IDgis has also made a connection between the ECW database and the WCS client. Finally the legend of the viewer has been improved. deegree comes with our own software such as Geoide.




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